Air Conditioner System in Cocoa Beach Broken?
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If you have an air conditioning problem we have the repair solution. It’s a no-brainer, call us today. Don’t get suckered in by the unlicensed hack jobs, call a trusted professional today.

Some of Our High Quality Services

24/7 Cocoa Beach Emergency Diagnostic & Repair Services

We check over 30 common failure points to guarantee a comprehensive report of all possible causes for your air conditioning system failure. Cocoa Beach, FL can cause havoc on air conditioning system components due to weather patterns, salt content of the air and humidity. Hire the professionals, hire Promag Energy Group. We know the area, we know the factors and we understand how your specific air conditioning system functions in Cocoa Beach.

Small Sample of our Diagnostic Check

  • Calibrate thermostat for temperature inaccuracies
  • Check starting capabilities Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for Freon leaks
  • Check amperage draw on compressor and motors
  • Check accessible duct work for air leaks
  • Oil and lubricate all moving parts
  • Adjust blower and components for proper operation
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Check click on assure shut down at 260 degrees
  • Flush drain pan and lines
  • Check filters (if you have a new one tech will change it)
  • Check air for temperature drop for maximum operation and efficiency
  • Service fan limit switch
  • Check sequencer to ensure that heat strips come on in order
  • Check electrical relay switches
  • Check automatic heat cut off controls
  • Check for corrosion build up on unit
  • Check main circuit breaker for proper amperage draw
  • Adjust blower fan control

Safe, Reliable & Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Cocoa Beach

Promag Energy Group Air Conditioning & Heating Repair recommends that all diagnostic services be performed by a licensed, bonded and insured technician native to the Cocoa Beach area. You want a technician who understands the environmental effects your specific air conditioning system must contend with on a daily basis. We call that a Cocoa Beach SuperTech. All of our SuperTechs are professionally trained employees with a minimum of 10 years of personal air conditioning repair & service experience.

Each A/C technician attends training in all new equipment released by our manufacturing partners every week. We keep up to date so that we know the newest required OEM specifications and procedures for your air conditioning system. We care about our customers well being, and you are no different. Give us a call today to fulfill any of your HVAC needs!

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