When your air conditioning system unexpectedly breaks down in the sweltering heat of Orlando, FL, you need a reliable HVAC service provider to restore comfort to your home. Rest assured, ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating is your trusted partner in air conditioning repair. With our team of experienced technicians and commitment to quality service, we will ensure your cooling system is back up and running in no time.

    Common Air Conditioning Issues

    Air conditioning systems can experience a range of issues that can impact their performance. Some of the most common problems include refrigerant leaks, faulty compressors, clogged air filters, electrical issues, and thermostat malfunctions. These issues can result in poor cooling, uneven distribution of air, strange noises, and increased energy consumption.

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    Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

    Recognizing the signs of air conditioning trouble is essential in addressing issues early on and preventing further damage. Some common warning signs include inadequate airflow, warm or hot air coming from the vents, unusual odors, excessive humidity, frequent system cycling, and sudden increases in utility bills. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to seek professional air conditioning repair services promptly.

    AC Repair vs AC Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

    When facing air conditioning issues, one important consideration is whether to repair the existing system or replace it entirely. At ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating, we understand the dilemma and can help you make an informed decision. Our trained technicians will assess your system’s condition and provide expert advice on the best course of action.

    Factors to consider include the age of your AC system, the frequency of repairs, energy efficiency, and the overall condition of the unit. If your system is relatively new and the repair costs are minimal, a repair may be the most cost-effective solution. However, if your system is older, requires frequent repairs, or has significant efficiency issues, investing in a new system may be a wiser choice in the long run.

    Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

    At ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating, we offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning repair services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and have the expertise to diagnose and fix various air conditioning issues promptly. We provide reliable repairs for all makes and models, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
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    Our AC repair services in Orlando include:

      • Thorough system inspection and diagnostics.
      • Repairing refrigerant leaks and recharging.
      • Cleaning or replacing air filters and ductwork.
      • Fixing faulty thermostats and electrical components.
      • Repairing or replacing damaged fans, blowers, and compressors.
      • Restoring and optimizing airflow by unclogging vents and ducts.
      • Providing preventive maintenance services to avoid future breakdowns.
      • And more!

    Benefits of Repairing Your AC

    Repairing your air conditioning system offers several benefits that can save you time, money, and inconvenience:

    Cost Savings

    Repairing your AC can be more budget-friendly compared to a full replacement. By addressing the specific issues causing the malfunction, you can avoid the expense of purchasing and installing a completely new system.

    Extended Lifespan

    Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. By promptly addressing any issues, you can optimize the performance and efficiency of your system, allowing it to continue operating effectively for years to come.

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    A well-maintained and repaired air conditioning system operates more efficiently, consuming less energy and reducing your utility bills. Repairing specific components like ductwork, fans, or thermostats can enhance your system's overall energy efficiency.

    Why Choose ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating?

    When it comes to air conditioning repair, choosing the right HVAC service provider can make all the difference. When you choose ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating for your AC repair needs in Orlando, you can benefit from the following:

    Experienced and Qualified Technicians

    Our AC technicians are licensed, insured, and experienced in handling all types of air conditioning repair projects.

    Prompt and Reliable Service

    We understand the urgency of air conditioning repairs and strive to provide same-day service whenever possible. Our team is dedicated to delivering prompt and reliable solutions.

    Quality Workmanship

    We take pride in our work and ensure exceptional quality in every repair job we undertake. Our technicians use high-quality parts and maintain the highest industry standards.


    Transparent Pricing

    We believe in transparent pricing, and we provide detailed estimates for all our AC repair services. There are no hidden fees or surprises, ensuring you are always aware of the cost.

    Trust Us With Your Trane® AC System

    While we’re highly familiar with all of the leading AC brands, ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating is especially proud to be a trusted service provider of Trane® air conditioning systems in Orlando. Trane® is a nationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality and energy-efficient HVAC equipment; however, even the best systems can encounter unexpected problems. That’s where we come in.

    Our technicians are well-versed in repairing and maintaining Trane® air conditioning systems, ensuring that your system operates at peak performance. Whether you have a Trane® central AC unit, a ductless mini-split, or a Trane® heat pump, our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any repair needs.


    By choosing ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating for your Trane® AC repair, you can expect:


    Trained and Certified Technicians

    Our technicians have undergone comprehensive training to repair and maintain Trane® systems. You can trust that they have the expertise and knowledge to handle any issues efficiently and accurately.


    Genuine Trane® Parts

    We use genuine Trane® parts for all repairs, ensuring the quality and integrity of your system. Using authentic parts ensures optimal performance and reliability for your Trane® AC unit.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to delivering a positive experience from the moment you contact us until the repair is completed.

    Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioning system disrupt your everyday comfort. Instead, get in touch with the team at ProMag Energy Group AC & Heating, your reliable partner for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL.


    With our expert technicians, comprehensive services, and commitment to quality, we will restore your cooling system’s functionality efficiently and affordably. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how we can make your home cool and comfortable once more!